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Hi. My name is Bernadette Roberts.  I grew up in and around Syracuse, NY.  I earned my undergraduate degree from SUNY Cortland in Secondary Education and International Relations (go Red Dragons!). My first master's degree is from the U of A in Latin American Studies.  I earned a second master's degree from the University of Oklahoma in Teacher Education but I never lived in Oklahoma.  I earned it while teaching for the Department of Defense dependents schools in England.  They flew teachers from OU to us at RAF Lakenheath.
This is my second year at Emily Gray Junior High.  Before this I taught for 10 years in Flowing Wells School District and 3 years for the Department of Defense in England.  I've also home schooled my daughter, taught for homeschool co ops, taught at Pima and for Chapman University and taught pre-school (the only job I ever quit).
I have two awesome children, Abby and Westley.  Abby is in 5th grade at TVES and Westley is in 3rd. My husband, Gary, is awesome too.  He is a videographer.  We have two small dogs and two tortoises.
My favorite things to do are to spend time with my family and friends, read, hike, bike, and shop. I also love to grow things in our back yard, play guitar with the worship team at our church, and travel, especially around the US.   One of my best travel memories is getting to raise the flag at Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home. One of my worst is losing our kids at Yosemite Falls in Yosemite National Park.  If you ask, I'm happy to share the story.  :)
I look forward to meeting you in August. I am hopeful that we will have an awesome year together.
Covering US history from approximately 1820 - 1941, SS7 begins by introducing students to the geography of the land that makes up the USA today.  It examines how this nation was formed, then evaluates the experiences of people of Native American, African, and European descent during this time of change.  Next it looks at progress and power shifts in the Northern, Southern, and Western parts of our country between 1820 - 1914 including study of the Civil War and Period of Reconstruction.  In the Spring it looks at how our nation became a world power, it's involvement in WWI, the Roaring 20's, the Great Depression, and our entrance into WWII.
  • Tuesday and Thursday during second lunch and by appointment.
              REQUIRED MATERIALS                            CONTACT INFO.  
 highlighter(s)                                                        749 3838
loose leaf paper   erasers                                       (please leave a message)
pencil bag            pencil sharpener                        broberts@tanq.org
pencils (non-mechanical)
anything else you want to write with that I can easily read
2 2" binders (one for Fall, one for Spring) 



 show RESPONSIBILITY, take OWNERSHIP, maintain a helpful ATTITUDE, build healthy RELATIONSHIPS.
                  1st 1/4 grades                                        2nd 1/4 grades                 
            assignments = 700 pts                            assignments = 700 pts     
            (100 per unit)                                          (100 per unit)                    
            midterm = 200 pts                                  final = 200 pts                   
            citizenship = 100 pts                              citizenship = 100 pts    
  • citizenship- The citizenship grade reflects how well an individual student demonstrates R.O.A.R. character traits. Specific behaviors include, but are not limited to, working well with others, coming to class prepared, behaving responsibly and participating fully.
  • late work- Late work will be accepted until the last day of a unit for a maximum of 59%, and until 7 days prior to the midterm or final for a grade not to exceed 50%, of total possible points.
  • homework- Homework will be comprised of work we do not finish in class and activities students choose.  
  1/4 final grades
1000 - 900 pts = A
899 - 800 = B
799 - 700 = C
699 - 600 = D
599 - 000 = F
  • please refer to newsletter clipped in student's binder for assignment grading rubric, unit assignment activities and a list of the 7 units we will cover in the Fall and the 7 units we will cover in the Spring.                                                                                                   
  • We will follow all the rules and procedures spelled out in our trackers.
  • Students who participate as expected will earn special classroom privileges (complete listing found in our treasure book). I will also call or send a post card home with the good report.
  • Students who do not participate as expected will receive a verbal warning, conference with me and loss of citizenship points, call home, detention and / or referral.
  • In case of severe disruption I will do what I believe is in the best interest of the entire class's well being and safety.


  • Seating- please sit in assigned seat unless directed to do otherwise.
  • Transitions- please move from one activity to another responsibly.
  • Voice levels- please refer to chart posted in room and in your newsletter.
  • Supplies are available,  from the art center, for responsible student use at any time.  Students who are unable to use classroom supplies responsibly will forfeit the right to use them.
  • Dismissal- the bell does not necessarily dismiss the class.  I WILL. 
  • Guest Instructor- I expect you to manage yourselves when a guest instructor is present.  Students who misbehave will earn a non-negotiable detention.
  • Bell Work- Please begin work as soon as you enter the room.  Directions will be on the SMART board or somewhere up front.
  • Conflicts- I expect you to resolve most conflicts on your own using 'Kelso's choices' (posted in our room).


  • HEADING (Please use a complete heading on everything you turn in.)
full name
complete date
subject and class period
complete assignment title

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