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Students and parents, Welcome to 7th grade Science. I hope you've enjoyed your summer and are ready to learn. I look forward to the new school year with you.
FYI, I am the trip leader for the 7th grade CIMI field trip, (Catalina Island Marine Institute). Look for trip information at this website.
I also coach cross-country at TVHS.
school phone: 749-3838, ext. 5212; school email: mstock@tanq.org; cell phone: 928 699-2451
Michael Stock, B.S. (Ohio State University), M.A. (Northern Arizona University) 
Sabino Canyon Hummingbird extra credit
Visit the hummingbird monitoring site and earn 10 ex. cr. pts..
Submit a parent-written note to confirm, or email me a photo on-site.
It's about a 1 mile hike to the site, just upstream from the dam.
Dates are every other Saturday, beginning March 28, until mid October.
Trapping begins at sunrise, and ends 5 hrs. later. 
Refer to link below. It's really cool, you might hold a hummer in your hand! 
1. Go to gmail.com
2. Log in with ______@schoolstvusd.org . Then use your 4 character password, perhaps it's in your tracker.
3. See the 9 squares in the top right, select DRIVE.
4. Select CREATE, choose DOCUMENT, or PRESENTATION (powerpoint)
5. Allow me to COMMENT on it. 
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