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Welcome to TVES Physical Education Page!

Welcome to TVES Physical Education Page!



What’s up Students and Parents! 

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and well.  I am missing you all since we are not at school, but the good news is you already have the skills, tools and knowledge you need to keep your body healthy. 

I hope you can use all that we’ve learned in PE this last year to stay active at home! If it’s safe and the weather is nice you could even try to get outside and play in your yards, driveway, or a park to keep yourselves active!  Don’t forget to distance yourself from others! Be safe!

On this page, I’ve included daily workouts for you to try out and also linked up a ton of resources and activities that you can check out if you get bored or need a fun activity to do.  So many resources are out there!

It is still VERY much important to aim for 60 minutes of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) everyday even with the current situations that we all have to face.


In light of this current crisis, and as a public service, "Slim Goodbody" created an informative and non-threatening video to help children understand this disease: “A Kid’s Guide to COVID-19."  

Think about this: If adults are afraid of this pandemic, what effect must it be having on children? They may not know the details of the situation, but they can certainly pick up on the worried “vibes” all around them.  This video is designed to help provide information and calm fears.

Stay Safe, Have Fun, and Keep Yourself Active!  Don’t be afraid to search for other challenges of skills you know or exploring different workouts to keep your body moving!

Your home is now your classroom. Making it a safe and positive place for learning will help you get the most out of this moment in time.

3?? Focus Areas:

?? Take care of yourself

?? Take care of each other

?? Take care of this home

-Mr. Gruber


Fundamental Movement Skills To Practice

If you have any of the equipment (frisbee, ball, jump rope, balloon, items to strike with: bat, hockey stick, tennis racket, pickleball paddle, etc.), you can practice reviewing any of the skills we have worked on in PE or the skills that we plan to introduce in PE class this year.  You can also get creative by using other items at home if you do not have the appropriate equipment. Examples include: rolled up socks as an object to throw, using a t-shirt as an object to underhand toss up and catch, using a balled up newspaper as an object to underhand toss, using a broom as an implement to strike.  BE SAFE….and creative with equipment!

Additional Resources

  • Free Customizable Kid Workout Program

  • Sign up for Sworkit and use them for follow along workouts for kids

  • (they have a free kids workouts for anyone to use after signing up and they are even customizable and have student examples for all of the follow along workouts, just click on the “Kids Workouts” section after logging in)

  • Free One Page Paper Workouts from Over 1,000 to pick from!  Mr. G highly recommends.  Work on your Cardio Endurance, Muscular Endurance & Strength, and Flexibility! --------> (Pick any of them here

  1. 4 minute warmup:

  2. Beginner Circuit:

  3. Quick HIIT:

  • Follow Along Workouts

  • Follow Along Dances:

  • Yoga

  • Mindfulness/Meditation 

  • Tons of at Home Activities and Resources

  • Activity Log: 

  • Activity Calendar (do 1 activity per day)


Aaron Gruber
PE Teacher
Office: -- x 3117

Feel free to reach out to me via e-mail with any questions you may have!  

CLICK HERE for Health & PE Virtual Resources from SHAPE AMERICA #HPEatHome

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