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Governor ordered continued school closures through April 10th.
Delivery of educational opportunities begin Monday, March 30th.  Click HERE for more information.


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Our nation is quickly responding to the threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and as a result, families are adapting to the concerns that the virus will impact our health and the health of our loved ones.  How do we support our children through this challenging time? We begin with the basics:

--Initiate conversation with your child.  What are their thoughts and questions about COVID-19?  Have accurate information ready to share with your child.   There are a myriad of resources to help you navigate this conversation; see the resources listed below.  Essentially, COVID-19 is a newly discovered virus that can make humans sick with cold like symptoms. For most of us with good immunity, the symptoms are less severe.

--Validate feelings and concern. It is ok to feel confused, sad, mad, etc.  These are normal feelings when there is a perceived threat.  These are also normal reactions when lifestyles are changing as a result of taking precaution against the virus.

--Empower your child.  Focus on what you as a family can CONTROL.  We can control washing hands, coughing into our sleeves, getting good nutrition, working into our schedules good sleep, etc.  These are proactive measures against the virus and simple advice for arming our immunities in everyday life.

--Focus on what’s real. Despite the changes we may see in society as we navigate this new virus, people are making decisions that are working to keep our public safe.  Refrain from hysterics or developmentally inappropriate conversations with your children. They don’t need fear; they need logic, control, and empowerment.  We get to focus and support our families with love, communication, humor, play, kindness, etc.  This is a time to extend more love to those around us. We will get through this and become more resilient as a result.  

Please see the links below to help support you and your family! 

My best,

Dawn Starkey

M.Ed., MAT, NCC, & LAC

ACES/TVES School Counselor

Resources to Support:

Check-In With Ms. Starkey (Click Link Below)

Dawn Starkey
Elem. School Counselor

Ms. Starkey Presents "What Do You Do With a Problem"


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