EGJH Return to In-Person Instruction

Return to Learning
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EGJH Return to In-Person Instruction

Emily Gray opens on Monday, October 26th

Seventh Graders and New Student Orientation
Welcome Orientation is designed for 7th graders and students attending Emily Gray for the first time. Orientation will take place on the mornings of October 21st and 22nd in 30 minute blocks of time. Students will take part in an Introduction, Question/Answer time and a school tour. Parents do not have to attend as this time is focused on orienting students to Emily Gray. If parents choose to attend, we are asking that only one parent join their student. Please register your student using this link: Sign Up Genius. Please read and follow the directions before signing up and submitting your desired time. The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, October 14.
Week of October 19th - October 23rd
Monday and Tuesday (October 19th and 20th) EGJH will follow the current online learning schedule. Wednesday and Thursday (October 21nd and October 22nd) there will be no scheduled instruction so teachers can start setting up their classrooms for hybrid learning. During this week, we will also host student orientation on October 21st and 22nd as described above. We feel this time is important for students to familiarize themselves with campus and teachers to prepare for their arrival. We are excited to transition to hybrid learning.

The Emily Gray Hybrid Learning Plan

For students attending in person:
EGJH students will follow a block schedule every other day. Last names A-L will attend their classes in person on Mondays and Wednesdays and Last names M-Z will attend their classes in person on Tuesday and Thursdays. No in person instruction will take place on Friday so teachers can meet virtually with students who need assistance. In person learning will include live interactions and instruction from teachers, use of Google Classroom and in some instances, Edgenuity activities. When students are at home for their off campus days, they will be expected to complete work as they have throughout distance learning from google classroom and Edgenuity. Students will continue to have the same teachers they have had for online learning.
For Students remaining online:   
Students may continue to follow the same schedule that they have been following for Online Learning to access google lessons, recorded lessons, Google Classroom activities and Edgenuity. Students will check into Google Classroom daily for assignments. Students will have access to a staff member Monday through Thursday for online assistance. Courses will still be managed by the teacher of record. Teachers will hold Google Meets sessions on Fridays for online students and may schedule specific times for students to come to campus to take tests or receive extra assistance. On Fridays, blocks of time will be designated based on subject. See section below "What does the bell schedule look like?"
Masks and other Safety Protocols
It is important to know that masks will be required as per Pima County guidelines. Students who do not wear masks will have to use our online learning option. All guests and visitors must wear masks while on campus. Handwashing will be built into our days as a matter of classroom routine. We encourage you to speak to your students about the importance of frequently washing hands, not touching their face or mask and practicing social distancing.
NEW What does the Bell Schedule look like? 
In the bell schedule below, you will see the days of the week and times that each alphabetic cohort will attend in person instruction. Friday meetings are primarily for students that remain solely online and follow a more traditional 7 period schedule up through lunch time. After 12:20 teachers may schedule additional meetings for small groups or individuals as needed. 

What is "8th Period"?
The 8th Period on the schedule will be for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time and homework time for the immediate future. The original intention of this period is to provide the opportunity for focused interventions taking place within the class day. Until county health metrics reach "Green," we will have to keep students from rotating out of 8th period classes.

Students will not be assigned locks or PE lockers for the foreseeable future. It is recommended that students bring a backpack for the transportation of materials from class to class, and for moving items between school and home.

What will PE look like?
Until further notice, PE classes will not dress out or use the locker rooms for any purposes. Students will be expected to wear footwear to school that will be conducive to light exercise in PE classes. In PE, students will use indoor and outdoor spaces for activities that will enforce social distancing, including the use of masks. Most activities will be individual. Students are asked to bring a water bottle to school that can be used for PE. Water bottles can be refilled in most classrooms where there are sinks. Water bottles are not to be shared with others.

Water fountains
The water fountains throughout campus are off and will remain so for the foreseeable future. We are recommending that students bring a refillable water bottle with them and use it throughout the day.

What does lunch look like?
Students will be able to eat lunch in the MPR and outdoors on a rotating basis but must travel with and sit with their 3rd or 8th period class. The tables will be labeled with the teacher name and in order to limit unnecessary cross contact, students are expected to remain with their group for the duration of the lunch period. Lunch tables have also been marked for social distancing to keep students as far apart as feasible.
What do Drop-off and Pick-up look like?
Please review our basic pick-up and drop-off maps here. To maintain low numbers in each drop-off and pick-up space, we are asking that last names letters A - F and M - S use the Church Lot to the west of campus. Last names letters G - L and T - Z please use the Main Lot. Maps, directions and traffic patterns are all available in the link above. Our campus opens at 7:50 in the morning. Please do not drop students off before this time, there is no supervision available. Upon arrival students will be expected to proceed to their first class and remain there until class begins at 8:15.
Hybrid Cohort Assignment 
The days students attend school are based on Hybrid assignments according to the students last name: Mon & Wed: A-L; Tues & Thurs: M-Z. If you are requesting special consideration regarding your child's hybrid assignment, please specify in the Parent choice Form provided above. Please note: we will do our best to accommodate requests. However, we may not be able to accommodate each and every request as we are prioritizing safety and social distancing by creating smaller/balanced class sizes.

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