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TVUSD Superintendent, Dr. Scott Hagerman named ASA 2021 All Arizona Superintendent of the Year for Medium Districts
Dr. Scott Hagerman


Congratulations to Dr. Scott Hagerman for his selection as the Arizona School Administrators Association 2021 All Arizona Superintendent of the Year for Medium Districts.

Now in his fifth year as Superintendent of the Tanque Verde Unified School District, Dr. Hagerman continues to make significant impacts on teaching, leading and learning. His goals from day one have been clear: to guide and prepare our teachers and students with a vision for the next decade, and to develop our school district to be a leader in education for the next decade and beyond. His vision and efforts to support both students and teachers in their achievement resulted in continued significant increases in enrollment throughout the district, even while other districts have seen decreasing enrollment resulting from the pandemic and other challenges.

Dr. Hagerman works with the board as a whole by working with each member, listening to their ideas, suggestions, and viewpoints, while also keeping board members informed about issues and policy. He works to develop cordial and professional relationships with parents, parent support organizations, community groups, teachers, staff and students by meeting regularly, attending events and volunteering his time. He also founded the Tanque Verde Faith Based Community Collaborative which is a tight-knit group focused on supporting schools and students, and serves as a resource to our community and schools.

In the face of the unprecedented health, education and societal crises with which public school districts are dealing, Dr. Hagerman provides thoughtful leadership and navigates our district’s response to Covid-19 mitigation with insight, grace and vision. The effectiveness of his approach is evidenced by the Tanque Verde Unified School District being one of very few districts in which student academic achievement scores increased during the pandemic.

Dr. Hagerman has provided perspective to both local and state leaders, and has been invited to participate on state-level committees dealing with Special Education Funding and Gifted Education. He has been instrumental in guiding and providing a voice for Pima County districts through his two year leadership of the Pima County Superintendents Collaborative, and he maintains close collaboration with key individuals within the Pima County Health Department. 

Dr. Hagerman has made significant strides in bringing our aging school facilities to current standards through his advocacy with the Arizona School Facilities Board, as well as leading our district through two important local elections focusing on teacher salary and facilities improvements. The SFB approved over $20 million in new school construction funding, providing building improvements and new classroom construction at all four TVUSD schools. 

Dr. Hagerman has an approachable nature as well as a wide and deep knowledge of education. He works tirelessly to ensure that the district is poised for success. He works to ensure the growth and success of all Tanque Verde Unified School District students. His engagement with stakeholders, coupled with his ability to assess, implement and proliferate systems, provides a structure for teaching, learning, and improvement at all sites and all levels. He continues to guide his staff and teachers to grow and support students in new ways.  

Leveraging his experience, expertise, and network, Dr. Hagerman works to ensure the growth and success of all students. We firmly believe that Dr. Scott Hagerman is preparing the Tanque Verde Unified School District to be an exemplary district of teachers and learners for the next decade and creating leaders for the next generation.

We are very pleased Dr. Hagerman has been recognized as the ASA 2021 All Arizona Superintendent of the Year for Medium Districts. It is truly a well-deserved recognition!

Dr. Hagerman will be presented with his award at the ASA/ASBA Annual Conference in Phoenix, December 15-17, 2021.