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Brittany Baechler is 2021 TVUSD Legendary Teacher Honoree

Brittany Baechler: Emily Gray Junior High

“Legendary Teachers expect you to exceed your own expectations.” Nicholas I. Clement...  

Ms. Baechler teaches Honors Language Arts and Yearbook at Emily Gray Junior High and is a shining example of a legendary teacher. She strives to build and maintain positive relationships with students by providing a creative yet consistent learning environment. She challenges her students to learn in innovative ways by creating fun and engaging lessons. As she carefully nurtures their ideas, abilities and academic growth, she produces life long readers/learners. While she believes in learning targets and precise lesson plans, she is highly skilled in adapting to ensure all students learn at high levels. Her expectations for herself are higher than those for her students. Ms. Baechler is the first one to learn more and do more. She not only teaches her students; she also teaches her colleagues. On any given day, we find her patiently explaining or helping in these areas: website development, everything Google, technology, calendars, flip grids, and developing new learning tools. In addition, Ms. Baechler dedicates much of her spare time to various committees and district level initiatives. She is the first one to share her knowledge and the last one to expect credit. Her content knowledge and teaching skills are endless. Yet, her greatest strength is giving meaningful and honest feedback to anyone that asks without deviation. Ms. Baechler does not only read books; she reads people. She intentionally listens, intentionally teaches and intentionally summarizes key points. Ms. Baechler believes in her students and teaches them to believe in themselves through new and diverse learning opportunities. She embodies the spirit of Emily Gray Junior High and the spirit of what teaching is all about. For all these reasons and many more not mentioned,  The Tanque Verde Unified School District is proud to announce Brittany Baechler as the 2021 Legendary Teacher Honoree.