School District Profile

The Tanque Verde Unified School District was established in 1885 as a K-8 District which served the Tanque Verde Valley community, 14 miles northeast of central Tucson. Once primarily a rural ranching community, the Tanque Verde Unified School District retains its unique history and identity, but now serves a primarily residential suburban community.
Tanque Verde has long been recognized as an exemplary school district, with excelling, "A" rated schools and an overall district grade of “A” in 2022-23 and 2023-24,  as determined by the Arizona Department of Education. With the addition of a comprehensive 9-12 high school in 2005, the District now serves approximately 2,200 students at four school sites, comprised of two K-6 elementary schools, one 7-8 junior high school, and one 9-12 high school. The Tanque Verde Community Preschool was founded at Tanque Verde Elementary School in 2019, making TVES a PreK-6 grade school.
The success of the District is attributed to a highly supportive community, and an accomplished, dedicated and caring staff of over 280 employees who work to provide the highest quality education and support services to all District students. The District endeavors to create pathways to success for all students and to ensure effective communication, collaboration, school partnerships and facilities that provide a safe and supportive environment for students and staff members. The Governing Board and District Goals are guided by the following District Vision, Mission and Values.


TVUSD Vision, Mission and Values


Vision: Equip graduates for mastery, founded upon excellence and integrity.


Mission: Provide an academic environment where respect, high expectations, collaboration, and continuous process improvement develop a civic-minded student capable of mastery of any challenge. 




  • Do Your Best - even when no one else is looking 
  • Be Present - be aware of people on the team, impact to others, contributions to team, and maximum effort to learn
  • Practice Ethical Conduct

Excellence and High Expectations

  • Excellence for and by Every Student, Everyday
  • Do your Best Every Time
  • High Expectations leads to Mastery
  • Measures of Success are Results Oriented and Student Focused
  • Challenge the Status Quo and Achieve Continuous Improvement
  • Be Curious, Be Flexible, Fail Fast, Iterate for Success

Student Centered

  • Student Outcome is the Priority
  • Doing what is Best for the Student

PLC - Professional Learning Community

  • The Foundation for How Business is Conducted across TVUSD
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Collaboration, Commitment, and Teamwork
  • Working through the Difficult - The Growth is in the Challenge

Clear Communication

  • Timely, Concise, and Readily Available
  • Effective and Conscientious Listening
  • Knowing where your efforts and responsibilities contribute to our mission - Knowing the “Why”

RAI - Respect, Affirmation, Inclusion

  • Positive Norms that reflect our Tanque Verde Community Culture
  • Acknowledge Accomplishments and Resilience
  • Respect for Self, Others, the Importance of Education, of the Process, of the Leadership Team
  • Compassionate Collegiality
  • Humility, Sportsmanship, and Honor