Facility Use Information

School facilities and property may be leased for any lawful purpose in the interest of the community. As per District policy, the purposes include but are not limited to the following:  recreational, educational, political, economic, artistic, moral, social, scientific, social, religious, other civic or governmental. 

A reasonable use fee, as recommended by the superintendent, will be charged for the lease of school facilities and property. A "reasonable use fee" means an amount that is at least equal to the cost for utilities, services, supplies or personnel provided to the lessee pursuant to the terms of the lease.  Please review Policy KF-RB for additional information.

School facilities include classrooms, computer labs, libraries, multi-purpose rooms, grounds/fields, and kitchens. The facilities are available through request, based on availability and approval of intended use - with school or district use always having priority. 

Please carefully review the policy, regulation and exhibits posted on this page for detailed information and requirements.

Facility Use Request

Organizations wishing to request facility use should complete the following steps:

  • Provide the completed form (KF-EB) and proof of insurance to Elaine Armienti.
  • If approved, your information will be sent to the requested school site to begin scheduling. 


If you have additional questions related to the use of school facilities, please contact Elaine Armienti.