Infinite visions payroll



  • Question: Too much is coming out of my paycheck, what should I do?

    Try reviewing your withholdings for federal and state taxes.  If you wish, you may use the links on the Payroll page to fill out new withholding forms

  • Question: I’m not sure what to put down on my withholding form (W-4), where can I get help?

    You can ask your tax preparer or use the calculator from the IRS here:

  • Question: I have questions about my benefits (Insurance, HSA, sick time, vacations, etc). Where should I go?

    First review the Benefits Book.  The Benefits book is the most current and accurate source of information and resources.  If you have reviewed the Benefit Book and still have questions, please visit the HR page to get contact information for additional assistance.

  • Question: Which holidays are paid holidays?

    Your annual Employee Calendar will show all paid holiday and other useful information.  If you need a copy, please email payroll.