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New Library Books & Materials

We are excited about the new books being added to our school library collections. New collection lists will be posted each quarter and may be viewed by clicking on the image below. 


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Textbook Adoption

In compliance with policy IJJ and ARS 15-721. Common schools; course of study; textbooks; approval; selection; library books and materials; definition

 “The governing board shall approve for common schools the course of study, the basic textbook for each course, and all units recommended for credit under each general subject title before implementing the course.”

Textbooks will be placed on display, either physically in the District or school offices or digital copies available online, for a period of at least sixty (60) days prior to the meeting at which the Board will consider their adoption.  At the end of the public review process, the district will bring a book back to the board for approval along with any feedback received during the review window.


The district is requesting the board open the public review process for a textbook for Emily Gray Junior High School Science. The proposed window for review will be open on May 9th and close on July 8, 2024.

The Textbooks under consideration are:


Title: OpenSciEd

Author: Free-Web Based Open Source

Publisher: Open Educational Resource

ISBN: NA   Copyright Date: NA


Titles: Issues and Physical Science: Chemical Reactions, Issues and Physical Science: Force and Motion, Issues and Earth Science: Geological Processes, Issues and Earth Science: Land, Water and Human Interactions, Issues and Life Science: Ecology, Issues and Life Science: Body Systems

Authors: Barbara Nagle, Tiffany Quan, Maia Binding, Wendy Jackson, Sara Walkup, John Howarth, Janet Bellantoni, Katrina M. Arras, Roger Groom, Daniel Seaver, Manisha Hariani, Maia Willcox

Publisher: Lab-Aids

ISBN: (978-1-63093-837- 6)  (978-1-63093-829-1)  (978-1-63093-831-4)  (978-1-63093-833-8)

(978-1-63093-817-8)  (978-1-63093-821-5)

Copyright Date: 2023 



The district is requesting the board open the public review process for a textbook for Tanque Verde High School Spanish 4 class. The proposed window for review will be open on May 9th and close on July 8, 2024.

The Textbooks under consideration are: 


Title: Tejidos (Comunicación auténtica en un contexto cultural)

Author:Megan Cory, Janet Parker, Catherine Schwenkler

Publisher: Wayside Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-938026-35-5

Copyright Date: 2013



Title: Abriendo Paso Temas y Lecturas

Author: José M. Díaz, María F. Nadel

Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc.

ISBN: 13: 978-0-13-323800-6

Copyright Date: 2014



Tanque Verde High School World Language Department is proposing a review of the following textbooks. The window for review will open on April 25th and close on June 24th, 2024.

The Textbooks under consideration are: 


Title: Temas 3rd Edition

Author: Jose Blanco

Publisher: Vista Higher Learning

ISBN: 9781543394580

Copyright Date: 01/01/2024



Title: Triángulo APreciado, 6ª edición

Author: Louis Baskinger, Cecilia Herrera, Frank Masel

Publisher: Wayside Publishing

ISBN: 9781944876807

Copyright Date: 2024

Please see the above selections in the Tanque Verde High School Office.  



Tanque Verde High School English Department is proposing a review of the following textbooks. The window for review will open on March 28th and close on May 27, 2024.

9th Grade

Option 1 - Foundations of Language & Literature 2nd Ed. (2023) ISBN: 9781319409265

Option 2 - PRE-AP ENGLISH 1 (2024) ISBN: 978-1-4573-1420-9

10th Grade

Option 1 - Advanced Language & Literature 2nd Ed. (2021) ISBN: 9781319244286

Option 2 - PRE-AP ENGLISH 2 (2024) ISBN: 978-1-4573-1432-2

Please see the above selections in the School Office.

Notice of Methods Used to Dispose of District Assets

Pursuant to R7-2-1131, this District disposes of assets via Public Auctions, State Surplus and Online Sales via CraigsList, Tucson.

Public Surplus

Duke refrigerated salad bar

Have you seen our Surplus Auction Site? Surplus Auctions are going on all year for items no longer in use by the district.  It's a win-win for the community and the district. Thank you for your support! 

TVUSD Public Surplus Items

Notice of Records Destruction - Special Education Records

Pursuant to ARS 41-1351 and the General Records Retention Schedule for School Districts and Charter Schools (#000-11-53) established by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records (LAPR), (including placement records, referrals, evaluations, testing data and other related records) will be destroyed “four (4) years after fiscal year of final enrollment.”  

The Tanque Verde Unified School District will begin the process of destroying Special Education Records (including placement records, referral, evaluation, testing data and other related records) for students whose final enrollment was on or before May 23, 2019, Date of birth is 2001, Class of 2019. This destruction will begin in June of 2024. If you would like to receive these records, please contact Chandler Hybiak at the Tanque Verde Unified School District Student Services office (520-749-5751, ext. 4202) no later than May 23, 2024.


Notice of Preschool Disabilities Screening

On a periodic basis, personnel from the school district conduct a preschool screening at Tanque Verde Elementary School, 2600 N. Fennimore Ave., Tucson, AZ 85749 for children from birth through five years of age. The screening will be held on an appointment basis and a limited number of reservations will be made for each screening date.

The district will provide direct screening services for children who reside within its attendance boundaries.  Verification of district residency will be required.

Specifically, screening assistance will be provided in those areas which may require the child to receive special education services. The areas screened will be vision, hearing, cognitive abilities, motor skills, speech and language, as well as social and self-help skills.  We especially encourage participation by children under 3, as every effort is made to provide any needed services by the third birthday.

If, after the screening, there is reason to suspect a possible disability, information will be provided on infant/toddler services or further evaluation by the school district for 3-5 year-olds.

Parents of 0-5 year-old children who would like more information or who would like to make a screening appointment are asked to contact Student Services, Tiffany Hodge, Director of Student Services.


Request For Public Records


The office of the Superintendent will be open to receive requests for records during normal business hours on Monday through Friday. Requests for access to public records shall be directed to the office of the Superintendent, Susan Monroe, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.