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January 2023


Superintendent’s Letter - State of the District 2023


Dear TVUSD Community,


  Every year the Board and I update the Board Goals to ensure we continue to work on the District Vision that all students in our district will achieve academic and personal success in an ever-changing world. We achieve this vision through “effective communication, collaboration, school partnerships, and state-of-the-art facilities.” 


The Board Goals are broken up into five areas: Student Achievement, Fiscal responsibility, High-Quality Professionals, School Culture  AND Community Engagement. We use these goals to ensure continued progress for our students and staff members.


I am pleased to share some of the accomplishments that have been achieved toward the 2022-23 Board Goals this year, including the following:

  1. Student Achievement

  • Using a professional learning community process (PLC) for several years now, we have seen quantifiable results in increasing student achievement.

  • All schools are A schools.

  • Education Recovery Scorecard (Harvard) - TVUSD was one of only six districts statewide which experienced gains in both reading and math through the pandemic, while nationally, many districts experienced significant learning losses. Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University

  1. Fiscal responsibility 

  • New construction has been completed at all schools, with the majority of funding coming from the state (over 75% of the funding is from the state). These facilities provide opportunities for students and staff to learn in new, state of the art facilities 

  • Building Renewal Projects (funded by the State of Arizona) have improved learning environments in the existing school buildings.


  1. High-Quality Professionals

  • TVUSD Salary Increases - Since 2017 increased by 34% for certified teachers and an average of 30% for all staff. 


  1. School Culture  

  • R.A.I. - Working with Mr. Jimmy Hart, the district has deepened our focus on relationships that ensure respect, affirmation and inclusion.

  • School Safety - 

    • Through the recent construction projects, we have been able to increase campus security by strategically locating new buildings, fencing and lighting.

    • Southern Arizona School Safety Preparedness Consortium 

  1. Community Engagement 

  • TVUSD Faith-Based Collaboration - Now in its fifth year, the TVFBCC includes 12 area churches and over 35 faith and school leaders.

  • Rincon Rotary Club - The continuing collaboration with RRC has provided leadership opportunities on the RRC Vision Committee, and numerous grant opportunities for our schools through Rotary Local.

  • Scott Hagerman - State Board of Education

  • Emma Batty - U of A Professional Practice Board

  • Amy Cislak - Flinn Brown Fellowship

  • Pima County Schools Collaborative


More detailed information on the 2022-23 Board Goals may be found on our website here: 


As we continue our work in the second half of the school year, we look forward to collaborating with our staff, families and community members to pave the way for continued success for our students, present and future!


All my best, 


Scott Hagerman, Ed.D



Dr. Scott Hagerman,  Superintendent

Office: (520) 749-5751