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District Vision, Mission and Values

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TVUSD Vision, Mission and Values Statement


Vision: Equip graduates for mastery, founded upon excellence and integrity.


Mission: Provide an academic environment where respect, high expectations, collaboration, and continuous process improvement develop a civic-minded student capable of mastery of any challenge. 



  1. Integrity

    • Do Your Best - even when no one else is looking 

    • Be Present - be aware of people on the team, impact to others, contributions to team, and maximum effort to learn

    • Practice Ethical Conduct

  1. Excellence and High Expectations

    • Excellence for and by Every Student, Everyday

    • Do your Best Every Time

    • High Expectations leads to Mastery

    • Measures of Success are Results Oriented and Student Focused

    • Challenge the Status Quo and Achieve Continuous Improvement

    • Be Curious, Be Flexible, Fail Fast, Iterate for Success

  1. Student Centered

    • Student Outcome is the Priority

    • Doing what is Best for the Student

  1. PLC - Professional Learning Community

    • The Foundation for How Business is Conducted across TVUSD

    • Continuous Process Improvement

    • Collaboration, Commitment, and Teamwork

    • Working through the Difficult - The Growth is in the Challenge

  1. Clear Communication

    • Timely, Concise, and Readily Available

    • Effective and Conscientious Listening

    • Knowing where your efforts and responsibilities contribute to our mission - Knowing the “Why”

  1. RAI - Respect, Affirmation, Inclusion

    • Positive Norms that reflect our Tanque Verde Community Culture

    • Acknowledge Accomplishments and Resilience

    • Respect for Self, Others, the Importance of Education, of the Process, of the Leadership Team

    • Compassionate Collegiality

    • Humility, Sportsmanship, and Honor

2023-24 District Goals